Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little "Piece" of Black and White

Schlitterbahn Jonnell 017

I know so many amazing women I think that this little phenomenal dress is gorgeous. I pieced this little beauty to create this card to keep in a stack for one of my ultra FAB gal pals. Being a military spouse has given me a unique perspective on friendships. The military places you far away from family on a regular basis and it's those friends that carry you through those tough everyday happenings that seem to pop up. Like my tow year old lawnmower breaking the weekend after DH left for what was suppose to be a 15 month span away from home. Like the time when I got so sick and DH was half a world away in Korea, it was my friends that stepped up and took care of me and my kids until my mom could come out. You know someone's a life long friend when their willing to hold your hair back while you throw up in the emergency room for 5 hours. These are the kinds of women I am truly BLESSED to call my sister's in service and my friends.

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~amy~ said...

pretty card the paper piecing. Girlfriends are thee best, aren't they?