Saturday, September 20, 2008

JustRite Cookie Catcher

JustRiteEntries 002 JustRiteEntries 003

Since I was a young girl every year at Christmas our house goes into a cookie making FRENZY. It is one of my fondest memories as a kid. My mom, dad, any family friends who wanted to join, and I all gathered in the weekends before Christmas to bake cookies. Even though I have two sons I have carried this tradition on with my children and my husband.  Last year we made about 2500+ cookies to give to family friends and co-workers. From large trays to take-out boxes I filled container after container with cookies. This is one of the containers we will be using to package our home made goodies in. I can't wait to get my new Just Rite Baking ensemble and Christmas Ensemble and start creating my packages for this year. Between those two things and my Cricut I think I may be able to create my own packaging, at least for the smaller gifties.  The take out box was one I got last year after Christmas for pennies. The cute little topper personalizes it perfectly. Again the JustRite stamper to the rescue. LOVE IT!!!

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