Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yellow Ribbon Goodie

Rodeo n Crafting 035

As I am getting ready to leave my position as the Secretary of the SCFSH I am gathering together all my things to hand over to my successor. Along with all the club business things I am doing some cutie pie goodies to give her as a gift. She is a friend and a mentor and I am thrilled to have met her and gotten to know her. I look forward to serving with her on the board again next year. As we are Army Wives I thought an Americana theme was appropriate. I hope she loves it as much and I loved making it for her. And I hope this inspires you to do something creative and gifty today.

Much Aloha,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretty In Pink and Kraft…

Rodeo n Crafting 031

I am so in love with this whole series of paper and had been hoarding it for almost a year. But I keep reminding myself that if I don’t use it I won’t have any room to buy new paper. It is gorgeous. Very feminine and the perfect paper for a feminine notepad for a girlie girl like me. The stamps are from Stamping Bella and of course Papertrey Ink. I am trying to make my goodies less busy but still simple and beautiful. I hope this crafty notepad inspires you to do something creative today.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Steno Goodies

Rodeo n Crafting 033

The notepad is a perfect gift. Everyone has the need to write something down at any given time. This is another notepad I created for the Ways and Means group in our club. Eloise Green Grass is my most favorite Stamping Bella stamp. She is the perfect compliment to many different projects. The tag at the bottom is from Papertrey Ink but it should looks small to you.. it is.. I trimmed it down and rounded the edges because I thought the full sized tag would be too large for my notepad. I added some dew drops to the corners of my image and its layers to give a little bling to it. You know me there’s always going to be at least a little bling. The jot it down tag was made with Papertrey Inks dies also. I hope Eloise and this cute steno pad inspire you to do something creative today.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paisley Goodies

Rodeo n Crafting 034

When I first saw this paper I just oohed and aahed at it. I had to have it! It is GORGEOUS! Its pink for one, then add in those gorgeous paisley swirls and the sparkle oh the sparkle! This notepad is one of my favorites and I had a hard time parting with it but its for a good cause. It goes to my club’s scholarship funds, well the proceeds do, not the notepad. LOL.. I hope this inspires you to do something creative today. I am hoping to have some gift card holders to show you soon if I can get those pictures uploaded and edited. There are also some cutie pie Easter  baskets for the little's(thanks to Dawn McVey for the super cute nickname, she calls her nieces and nephews this..) in our lives.

Much Aloha,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teacher’s Gift

Rodeo n Crafting 032

As per the request of the lovely and talented Laura Evangeline I FINALLY have a new post. Things here are hectic and crazy. My youngest son is a junior and until he has his license this summer I am his personal chauffer and his #1 cheerleader. So my days are filled with fundraising, driving and not to forget my other volunteering. As a long time volunteer with my children’s school I know just how hard so many of their teachers work and I try really hard to let them know just how much they are appreciated by us. My children have been extremely fortunate to have had a teacher every year who involved him/herself fully in their job and the success of the students entrusted to them. When I create gifts with teachers in mind I love to put a little of them into it. This gift was created for a teacher who is a former soldier in mind. I hope it inspires you to do something creative today. I promise to be back tomorrow with more.

Much Aloha,