Friday, July 27, 2007

More Bible Verses

Here's another set for the same customer who requested bible verses.

Another Set

These are for another customer who wanted bible verses on her cards.

Another Set

Here is another set for my customer. I tried to make a few sets that weren't so distinctly feminine. These while feminine are a little more neutral.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here's another set. Don't ya just LOVE the cricut!!

These are another set. I just love this Brenda Walton paper. Let me know what you think.

Card Set

These are one of 6 sets for a customer. She wanted various cards for birthday, thinking of you and Thank Yous. Keep watch for the others..

New Cards

The monogrammed cards are for a friend who sends a lot of business my way. I made her a whole set. The thank yous are for another customer. The swell news is for a pregnant friend. The just because is for a friend whose hubby is in Iraq.

Friday, July 13, 2007


These were made for a friend whose husband in in Iraq. They are for her to give to other spouses of deployed soldiers and friends. She'll get these tomorrow hopefully she'll love them.

Card Sets for Grandparents

These are two sets of cards I made for my grandparents. Since they are in Hawaii some of the sentiments are in Hawaiian.

They wanted a variety of cards for birthdays, anniversaries adn congratulatory cards.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Camera Review

Well DH picked a winner!! We bought the Sony Cyber-Shot and I LOVE it. It is the closet you can get to an D-SLR (you can even buy extra lens' ) without paying D-SLR prices. It's 8.1 megapixels and it has a 15x zoom. You can either use the large screen in back or the viewfinder (that saves battery life). But you can take fantastic pictures (even in the dark). The camera has a face recoginition technology and extremely short lag time in between shots. You can even hook this camera to your TV and view your pictures in HD!!! It has a 1080i( whatever that means) according to DH. This camera is really amazing. We did spring for the mac daddy memory card though that was kind of pricey ($90) but it does hold almost 700 photos at the highest resolution (8.1) and almost 800 if you use a 5MP resolution. Do your research though and see what works for you. This one works amazingly for us.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Picture Frame

I made this frame to go with a set of notecards for a pregnant friend. I also placed a Memory Can, some onesieswith cute sayings (i.e... party at my crib 2a.m. and Nothings wrong just checking) for the baby, and personalized journals with baby's name on them.

I'm back!!

A friend let me borrow her Nikon to get my pics uploaded and I now have a NEW camera!! DH bought me one that I am totally in love with I am in the process of playing with it right now. By tomorrow I should have the first pics uploaded!! For now here are the last pics off my Nikon before it passed on to a better place where it won't have to work that hard ever again (HA HA)..

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dead Camera!!

Oh No!! My camera died yesterday! So there won't be any new pictures for a while. DH says good thing my B-Day is coming soon. (HA HA) I was wondering if ya'll had any advice on what kind to buy. My old one is a Nikon and was pretty easy to use but lag time took WAY too long. I need one with quick recovery and a pretty good zoom. Let me know if you have any recomendations.. THANKS in advance...