Sunday, September 21, 2008

Biggest Blog Candy EVER!!!

Cammie King, ULTRA fabulous designer for Gina K Designs is giving away the MOST amazing blog candy(here) you have ever seen. Cammie's  life was touched by Alzheimer's and she wanted to find a way to give back to those on the from line of care for these patients, their caregivers. Cammie is right in saying that they are the most unrecognized group. Caregivers who watch over our loved ones and treat them while they walk through the unknown as they continue their journey on this earth. While I don't have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's I have a very beloved Grandfather who had a stroke a few weeks ago whose life was profoundly changed by this stroke. He requires constant care. My mom is their oldest daughter and when he had his stroke all of the children who don't live there rushed home to help. My uncles are remodeling the house for my Papa's new reality of necessary care and the Aunts along with my mom and dad(whose a nurse) are helping care for Papa whose in the hospital. Not everyone is able to step in and fulfill that but when you can't it really gives peace of mind to know that someone out there is willing to care for your loved ones as you would and sometimes better because their not personally vested in the patient. Go HERE!!! and find out how to enter for the MOST amazing blog candy that you have ever seen. Cammie's rules are specific so please follow them to the letter. She is so proud of this project. Help her make is a HUGE success in the way that matters most to her.. Send those cards to the caregivers!!!  I urge you to support Cammie's efforts. You have no idea how happy a little thank you can make someone. Remember you can go HERE!! to find directions.

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