Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JustRite Truffle Caddy

JustRiteEntries 004

To our closest family friends we give goody baskets. These cute little boxes are finished off with the amazing JustRite touch and will make an adorable addition to those baskets.  I think that the things most remember about the holidays are the personal touches you put on your celebrations and gifts. Everyone who knows us knows how much time we put into making Christmas a really special time. This being our oldest sons senior year it becomes an even more special time because next Christmas he may be spending elsewhere. I greet everything this year with mixed emotions. I am so thankful that he is progressing toward adulthood yet I long for my cherub cheeked little boy. I often find myself looking at him with tearful eyes as I watch his journey into manhood. I feel so blessed (most times, sometimes I just want to pull out my hair ha ha) to be a part of it.

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