Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Cast of Awareness

DSC01109 DSC01111

Well were back in a cast. The doc says not enough healing  yet to know whether or not he'll need surgery. Three more weeks in his cast should tell the tale. Jarrett chose pink in honor of his Godmother who is currently battling breast cancer for the second time. He wanted to honor her and show his support.  I am often amazed at the capacity of my children to show love  and support in unique ways. When the tech asked what color and Jarrett said pink, I was puzzled. I thought that he was kidding and when the tech asked if he was sure that's when I learned Jarrett's reason behind choosing pink. Never underestimate the understanding of your children and the depth of their devotion to those they love. There were grown men in that cast room today that couldn't believe a young man in middle school would wear a pink cast for three weeks.  I am so proud of my son and his love and support he sends his godmother.


The Stampin' Soldier said...

You've got one awesome kid there!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

You have an amazing boy....He's doing this for all those past and present who have battled BC...My mom lost her battle to it 2 years ago. Give your boy a BIG hug from me!!!!