Friday, May 2, 2008

Look What I Got Done This Morning!


This morning is the culmination of several days of work.. While we were spending all that time at the doctor's with my youngest I had taken my Prismacolor Pencils and many sheets of stamped images with me. I colored while we waited and when I brought the images home I gamsoled them up and they were ready to be used. I meanwhile had several cards covered with DP and ready also. This morning I trimmed down my images added some matting, bling ribbon and sentiments and TADA!!!!! In about one hour I had completed 9 cards. Some of the simpler images are for a collection of cards that I want to give my sons to chose from for my DH whose birthday is this weekend. And NO the fairies aren't in that collection. HA HA HA!


Stamping Moments said...

Such lovely creations! all in one morning wow!

Dawn said...

You go girl! I see you played with the raincoat gal...she's fun and easy to color! I especially love the fairy cards;))