Monday, May 5, 2008

Land of the Free because it's the home of the Brave


Having friends deployed has been a constant thing for our family during this war in Afghanistan and Iraq. DH has been in the Army for over 18 years and we have made many friends along the way. Any of you who are military know that on this journey you make friends that become family. One of my closest friends and her DH are now undergoing their 6th deployment. This card was made for him.  So while I am sad to see my husband leaving I feel really foolish for complaining about one deployment as opposed to their six. I'm not sure where I saw the quote on my card but when I saw it I wrote it down and have had it with me for years now. It rings so true. I am often amazed by the Servicemembers we have been blessed to have in our lives over the years we are very fortunate.

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