Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vintage with a little Dew Drops Flair!

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Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Between having dental work done and the awful events at Ft. Hood we are just swamped right now. We have very dear friends at Ft. Hood and this tragedy is one for the entire Army Family. The sadness we feel for our fallen and wounded is immense. I ask all of you to lift up the Army Family in prayer as we are trying to come to grips with this senseless act. If you are near Ft. Hood, give blood, if you can, to replenish the supply that was used. Really wherever you are give blood to increase the supply. If you can, give platelets, as they aid the cl0tting necessary to stem bleeding. So as I write this I write it with a heavy heart for those lost, as their stories emerge the sadness can overwhelm. We lost some truly remarkable individual to this senseless act. Keep their loved ones in your prayers.


I hope you enjoy the card. It's another Vintage Picnic creation. If you would like details contact me and I would be happy to give them to you. I hope it inspires you to do something creative today. Have a Blessed Day!




~amy~ said...

Oh Mishy...sorry for everything that is going on....

Dawn said...

Mish, I love your basket!!! I NEED THIS SET...lol

I hope you all are hanging in there. I know it's tough times right now...especially for Sam. I heard they moved the suspect to his hospital? Somehow, I'm sure he won't get away this time! Security must be pretty high there as well. It angers me how the gov't KNEW ahead of time and his actions were dismissed. He took so many innocent lives, makes my heart ache.