Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Hi All.. Best Wishes to you on this beautiful Veteran's Day. It was a picture perfect day here in South Texas. The sun was shining and it was warm but not hot with a light breeze. Just spectacular. This day though is still a heart wrenching day for us as it marks the celebration of Veteran's Day and the day DH's grandfather died. While we have fond memories of Grandpa.. this Veteran's Day hits us where we live. Coming on the heels of the tragedy at Ft. Hood makes us all take pause and pray a little longer and harder for those we have lost. It also makes us bow our heads for those who will spend this day away from their families defending our way of life. Pray for them today, pray for their safe return home to those who yearn to see their faces or hears their voices. Life as a military family while fun and exciting can also break your heart when you have to send those who mean the most to you into harms way. So today don't just enjoy the beautiful day and you families truly take the time to honor those who gave all so that we would live the lives we are today. Guard their sacrifice with your honor as they gave their lives with theirs. Bless their families and take a second to offer a kind gesture to a woman alone whose husband is deployed.. While we sleep with our husbands she must sleep in an empty bed.. Let her know how much the sacrifices they make mean to this nation. Honor her and the sacrifice she makes for this nation and it's honor.
May you have a blessed day!