Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papertrey's Friendship Bread...

FebruaryCraftiness 003 FebruaryCraftiness 001


OK.. so you guys know how much I LOVE Papertrey right.. well I saw a link to this post on my friend Dawn's blog and by some twist of fate I made these bags yesterday to give to some friends and used my PAPERTREY stamps... It's the Amish Friendship Bread Gifty that can either be a blessing or a curse... If you want the recipe for the starter email me and I'll send it to you... Simple and adorable.. they all loved the gift and as an incentive to actually use the mix I gave them a loaf of the bread already made.. Makes me a friend and not a frenemie right??? Hope this ones a winner!!!

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Dawn said...

Oh, I like this idea! I remember having a starter one never