Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy B-Day to Me!!!

Well, today is my BIG day.. I turned 38 TODAY.. AS a birthday present I was hoping to have DH home from training but it didn't work out.  No orders yet.  We did however find out that my youngest doesn't need surgery (THANK THE LORD!) his bone seems to be healing well with only minor swelling and edema in the marrow. The Orthopedic doctor said that you can't even see the fracture line on the bone. So what a great birthday present for me. My boys surprised me with STAMPS for my birthday.. I got Melanie's Jumping for Joy set and three others.. Boy am I a happy girl. If only DH were here to share my day. Oh well, gotta keep my big girl dainties on until he gets back. Happy Birthday to all you fellow August babies out there!!


~amy~ said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!! Pass me your snail mail... :)

Dawn said...

Happy Belated Bday BIG GIRL!!! I wish Sam were there to share with you too! I'm gonna give you a buzz as soon as everything settles down..ugh, moving, ugh, you know what I'm I'm moaning

Love ya