Thursday, February 7, 2008

Celebrate Your Inner Princess

I just LOVE this stamp but I don't know of anyone getting married any time soon so when I was looking through my stamp collection and happened upon this set I pulled it out to play with it. I was trying to think of a different way to use this stamp. Ideas I came up with are... Quincinera (if your hispanic you know,if not it's a celebration of a young womans 15th birthday) or sweet sixteen card. Anyway I don't know too many 15 year old Quincinera celebrants so I thought why not a birthday card. It's a princess dress!! Somewhere I saw the phrase Celebrate Your Inner Princess. PERFECT for this card! I keep a pencil and post it note stack next to my computer and if I see a cute or catchy phrase I write it down. I can't afford all the sets with all the FAB saying to I write down the ones that I love and then type them into a Microsoft Word document where I am able to change size, font and even color and I punch them out with my slot punch or various other punches or dies. The slot punch tag above is just one of these.

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