Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rainy Day Florals...

HolidaysCraftiness 222

Here's my Rainy Day girl in an "outfit" that would definitely brighten my day. I added those tiny pearls as a detail. As always I left of the sentiment to be able to personalize it later as I need it. Sorry if the photo is a little blurry I am learning the quirks of a new camera. The parts of the image that were hand colored were done so with Copic Markers. I hope she's inspirational to you today. I will ask a little favor of you gals today.. say a little prayer for my youngest today. He was nominated for Cadet of the Year in his JROTC Battalion. So he goes in front of the selection board today so fingers crossed, and prayers up, that he gets selected. I know I'm his mom but he is an AWESOME kids and a great leader. Thanks,


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~amy~ said...

good luck to your boy:) darling girlie card mishy!