Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dahlia Delightfulness 1

FabulousFlorals 001

I have been practicing my blending techniques with my Copics and I am starting to get the hang of it. I took a Copic class a few months back and I am now getting the hang of all the fabulous ideas that the Copic Queens, Sally Lynn and Sharon Harnist gave us that day. I am thrilled to have been able to meet and learn from these talented ladies. Once I have perfected these techniques I plan on getting a compressor so that I can continue my learning journey and get the absolute most out of my markers. I hope this inspires you to move outside your comfort zone and try new things. I did that by trying Copics and if you look back my work is so much better now than when I first started with them. Persistence with Copic truly does pay off. Go to my blog roll to check out those TALENTED ladies who make their Copics SING!  Sally Lynn, Sharon Harnist and Marianne Walker(Copic Queen) are all in my roll. I hope this inspires you to be Copic creative today. Feel free to ask my any questions about how I did something and I will be happy to answer any that I can if I can't I will do my best to FIND the answer for you.



Sharon Harnist said...

Beautiful work, Michelle -- you're definitely getting the hang of Copics!

~amy~ said...

oh soooo gorgeous mishy!!! rockin' those copics girl!