Friday, December 11, 2009

Striped Rainy Day

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Busy.. busy...busy... Things are always hectic during the holidays and this year is no exception. Although we've added some community service type projects for our kids to do with us this year. As they get older we are ever mindful of strengthening in them the desire to serve their community. This year we are taking them with us to wrap gifts for military kids who probably wouldn't have much and we are also taking them to pack care packages for soldier's serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We want them to understand that living in this country and enjoying all the things they do comes at a price, and they do to a certain extent because their father has over 20 years in service, but we want them to always be aware of the sacrifices made on their behalf to keep this country safe and strong. The are also taking part in a food drive for our church to donate food throughout the holidays to our local food pantries here in town. Little things that we hope make a big difference in paying forward the blessings we have bestowed upon us. Now on to the card..


Created with my hot pink friends in mind. We all have those girlfriends who are the bright rays in our lives and the make all things easier to bear. I am fortunate to have several and I make many cards with them in mind. I have one friend who always on.. she's funny and full of energy. This card reminds me of her. If you want any specifics please feel free to email me.. I hope she inspires you to do something creative today and that we have inspired you to give a little something back for the blessings you've received. Have a blessed day ya'll!


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~amy~ said...

love the stripes with the polka dots...happy friday!