Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Rite Reyes.....

JustRiteEntries 002

This is my Just Rite Creation for Three Kings Day.. My husband is a native of Puerto Rico and so is my dad. We celebrate this holiday. When you think about it the theory makes a lot more sense then the guy in the red suit.. After all it was the Three Kings that brought gifts to Baby Jesus. On the eve of Three Kings day our sons collect grass and leave a bowl of grass and water for the camels to sustain themselves as the Kings deliver their gifts. Let me tell you this was no easy feat, finding grass in New York City in January... our sons always managed to scrounge up a bowl full of grass and the kings deliver them one special gift. Living in San Antonio has made the grass locating much easier, although the grass is pretty brown this time of year.  I created this card to send to our families that celebrate El Dia de los Reyes along with us.

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