Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy August..

Its hard to believe that the summer is drawing to a close. My youngest is already back up at the High School. I guess being the Battalion Commander comes with a lot more responsibility than being the Company Commander. I have to say its hilarious to see him as  leader. He is definitely his father’s son. He has a look that makes people wilt but he’s smart enough not to use it often. Its new territory for me to see him mature and come into his own. Last weekend I celebrated my 41st birthday and was lucky to have my boys and DH make my day special. But I think that Jarrett being a senior made the day a little sad. I think of it in terms of a year of lasts. Its his last year in High School. Its my last birthday with him living at home with us. It’s the last First Day of Senior year. So many lasts that I am a bit melancholy. I am trying to be in the moment though, trying to be invested in every moment just like I did when my oldest son was a Senior. I am just sadder because this is the last one. The youngest son who has chosen a profession that will lead him to many corners of the world. He has decided to follow in the Footsteps of his Father and Grandfather and Great Grandfather before him. He is choosing to answer the call and serve his country (after college of course.) I swell with pride at the thought of him doing it but my heart is filled with fear for his safety. I hope you August is full of answers as mine seems to be full of questions. Thanks for listening Smile   I am going to attempt to do something creative today. Wish me luck.



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