Friday, August 27, 2010

Brooklyn's Moments...

CampSummer2010 105 

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I have been so very busy and with DH home for a little while things are hectic. After 21 years in the military its nice to have him home for a long stretch. But back to why were here.. This is a memory can I made for my new niece. She is growing like a weed and is stunningly gorgeous. I made this altered paint can for her as a little welcome home gift. There are several more photos of the can from different angles I will also be posting the contents of the can in a few days. Here are more photos of the can from different angles.

CampSummer2010 106 CampSummer2010 107

CampSummer2010 111 CampSummer2010 112

Thanks for looking..


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~amy~ said...

What a great idea!! Happy Friday mishy!!