Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just read the most amazing post from Jennifer HERE about a sweet little angel Ellie and her devoted sister Grace.  You can read Ellie's story HERE. But I am warning you have your tissues handy. It's heartbreaking that even though technology surrounds us and miracle cures are often found we have yet to win the battle against cancer. As a mother I can't imagine the heartache of watching your baby fight her battle valiantly and loose anyway. We can only hope to bring a small measure of comfort to this family so saddened at the loss of their sweet girl. Jennifer is trying to gather as many cards as she can to send to Grace, Ellie's twin, who is without her dear sister. If there are ANY you can spare please send them to Jennifer so that she can pass them on to Grace. When you read Ellie's story you'll know just how special a part Grace played in her life. Cardmaking is a real sisterhood. Honor the sisterhood of two sweet girls by sending Jennifer your cards. I know you'll come through like GANGBUSTERS! Thanks


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