Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Extra Long Post... 12 Projects Long...

 JarrettCreations 013

I created all these fabulous things using the Papertrey Color Combos for one of their Anniversary Week Challenges. If you are a frequent visitor here you know how much I LOVE Papertrey products. If you don't know what PAPERTREY is click on the link and get over there so you can see for yourself what all the hype is about! Above is a set of three notebooks using the color combos from Besty (Red), Debbie(Berry Sorbet), and Erin(Dark Chocolate).


JarrettCreations 011 Cards using color combos from Nicole(Raspberry Fizz), Heather (Kraft), and Maile(Enchanted Evening).

JarrettCreations 008 Cards using color combos from Dawn( Dark Chocolate), Melissa(Aqua Mist), and Niki (Kraft).

JarrettCreations 012 Last set of cards using the Papertrey color combos for their Anniversary Challenge... Kim(aqua Mist), Lisa(True Black), Michelle(Kraft).. Hope they inspire you to do something Papertrey creative today!.



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Dawn said...

Look at you girlie! Looks like you had fun with the challenges! I have hard time keeping up with all that stuff, but I did manage to "attempt" the "happy" contest on Nichole's blog...I'm probably waaaay off, but I took a Miss you!