Thursday, December 27, 2007


It feels like I haven't posted in years but I have a good reason. At Christmas I am always consumed with activities that I hold dear. I bake cookies for all our neighbors and friends and last year we added the units that my husband oversees in his job at BAMC. This year we baked over 2400 cookies ALL FROM SCRATCH. We also volunteer for the childrens Christmas party at the hospital and we have the annual holiday ball to attend. As if that weren't enough I was bound and determined that all the cards we sent out (80 plus) would be made by me. TA DA mission accomplished. The cookies were baked, parties attended, cards handmade and sent, and all presents wrappped by December 23rd. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I work my fingers to the bone but I LOVE IT all. Not bad for a months work. We also celebrate Three Kings Day in January so onward to the New Year we go. This year has been one filled with blessings and trials but we are so fortunate to have those blessings far outweigh the trials. I am looking forward to creating new and beautiful things in the coming year and seeing everyone out there do the same. Wishing you all peace, love, joy and creativity in the coming year.

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